Santorini Beaches


Santorini really has some of the most unique beaches in Greece.  Most of them, if not all of them, are covered by black sand which originates from the relationship of the island with the volcano.  The most popular beaches are Perivolos, Perisa and Kamari but this is mostly due to the many cafes, bars an restaurants there.


Red Beach

red beach santorini  kokkini paraliaThe Red Beach is as you can see is! A very unique beach indeed.  Not directly accessible though. You will have to stop near the sea and then go up and around the hill that hides this unique beach.



clychada  beach santoriniVlychada (some spell is Vlihada) is a beach that has is somewhat remote from the rest of the busy areas of the island.  It has some palm trees and it is also the location of underwater tours with a submarine.  Certainly a nice place to visit if you want to be away from too much noise.



kamari beach santoriniKamari is one of the nicest beaches of the island. The beach itself is more stony compared to other beaches, but it has something that you won't find elsewhere on santorini: a long pedestrian road full or bars, clubs, restaurants and cafes.


Perissa & Perivolos

perissa, perisa, santorini, beach, thiraPerissa is actually very close to Kamari location-wise. Bu your way is blocked by a rocky mountain and you will have to drive around it to get to the beach.  It's a relatively long beach, again with bars, etc and provides you with more space on the beach. Ideal for beach sports.


 Other beaches:  Perivolos, Monolithos



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