Some Local People


Welcome to the local people section. This is a relatively revolutionary section for an internet guide of this kind.  However we feel that this section helps in promoting local people and giving visitors a chance to meet some of the people on the island.

This section attempts to present some of the local people of Santorini, that we feel that "represent" the local character. 




mama santoriniMama's restaurant is a nice place for breakfast on Santorini. Located on the main road of Fira (going out of town towards Firostefani) offers nice portions of breakfast, lunch, dinner at reasonable prices.

Mama (as most people call her) has lived in the US for a while and now, back on Santorini, will most likely welcome you in her own friendly special way and make you feel welcome.

I personally tend to have my breakfast there, so give it a try and tell me what you think....


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