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Nightlife on Santorini lasts.....for the whole night!!!  However, bare in mind that unlike most of western Europe, clubs in Greece (and Santorini, in this particular case) open around Midnight, and not 9pm. not expect to see a lot of people in the clubs before 1am.

Clubs, Bars, etc stay open until morning and should you wish to have something to drink or eat, there are always some food places open to satisfy your thirst or hunger.

The nightclubs on Santorini differ a lot in style to the nightblubs or northern europe.  They are smaller, cozier and have a different feel to them.  They are also "hidden" in the narrow roads of Fira. If you are unsure about their exact location, simply ask one of the locals.   Have fun....and behave.... ;-)


Please quote '' when contacting anyone.

Name Location Tel. No. Other Info.
club 33 Fira 23065  
Koo Clun Fira
Enigma Fira 22466  


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