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Santorini is really a very unique island with its own character and style. The various towns are built on the top of a cliff or even on the cliff itself.  This is one of the unique features of the island that you won't be seeing anywhere else.

One thing you should know is that unlike many other islands, on Santorini most of the things worth visiting are sort of spread out.   Nothing seems to be within walking distance, unless you want to see specific things that happen to be within one town.  Of course you could make use of the buses on the island, or a taxi, but my best choice would be a nice little scooter that will give you the freedom to go anywhere at any time.

Below there is a list of some things and places that we feel you should try or see.  Enjoy.....


caldera - volcano - thira - santoriniCaldera / Cliff / Volcano

This is the "trademark" of Santorini, if you will.  It is a LIVE volcano (if you go there you will be able to see the various gasses and smoke coming out from the ground).  The view from the top of the cliff on Santorini is just amazing.  This is a must see...  



thirasia island - santorini - volcanoThirassia

Thirassia is a small island and remnant of the ancient “Strogili” island opposite the island of Thira (which most people call Santorini). It is a quiet place with a lot of sea food restaurants and you can go there with one of the small local boats (usually as part of a tour).



Cable Car - Teleferik - [Click to Enlarge]Cable Car / Steps to the Old Port 
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This is another of the trademarks of Santorini as an island.  The Cable Car starts from the town of Fira and takes you down to the old port of Santorini, which is where most island boat-tours start from.  Another way to down there (or back up to the town of Fira) is to take the steps...either on foot or by donkey.



submarine santorini thira - under waterSubmarine

The submarine is a relatively recent asset of the island.  There underwater tours with it, starting from the village of Vlychada, that take you around the volcano and the deep waters of the island.  There are buses going there from Fira.  It is certainly something you won't have the opportunity to see very often.



volcano - santoriniHot Springs - Sulfur beach

Just by the volcano there is the so-called 'Hot Springs' which is basically a part of the beach full of sulfur (aka sulphur) in the water.  The water there is very warm and muddy, and this is all due to the volcano. Do not be afraid.  It is not dangerous.  In fact it is said that the water there is very good for your skin.




Santorini is well known for its good wines.  The volcanic ground of Santorini is ideal for grapes and is major enabler for the wonderful wines on the island. "Vinsanto", one of the most popular wines of the island, is said to be one of the best Greek wines.  It is naturally sweet and is made out of grapes that are left in the sun for about two weeks.  There is a fair number of wineries on the island, each one making a unique flavour of Vinsanto and other kinds of wine.


Skaros (Imerovigli)

Skaros is a rocky hill, located at the village of Imerovigli.  It was used in the 12th century as a fortress for Santorini, which at the time was made the capital of the island.



villages of thira and santoriniVillages

Santorini has many different villages with the majority of them either located by the sea or built on the cliff.  It is strongly suggested that you visit most of them, if not all of them.  Each one has its own style and something different to offer.


Museums: Arheological, Maritime, etc   most of them located at Fira. 



Santorini has a lot of very old churches, some of which are thousands years old.  If you are into this sort of thing, there is a lot for you to see on the island.


Beaches:  (see the Photo Gallery section for more pictures)

There are many wonderful beaches on Santorini.  Everywhere around the island you will find great spots for swimming, relaxing, sports or anything else you can imagine.  It's plainly...wonderful!  Just explore....


red beach santorini

Red Beach

kamari beach santorini


vlychada beach santorini


  • Monolithos
  • Perivolos
  • Perissa
  • ...and more...




General Tips:


The best way to explore Santorini is probably by motorbike if you intend to go mostly to beaches or areas near the sea,  or by car if you want to see the mainland, villages and mountains more. 

From our experience the water on Santorini is not very good.  It is suggested that you drink bottled mineral water from a local kiosk, shop or supermarket.

The view from Santorini is marvellous. On clear sunny days you will be able to enjoy the view like you never have before.

If you are into watersports and you have chosen Santorini as your vacation spot you will find sports, diving and similar facilities, rentals, etc. in Perissa, Vlychada, Kamari and Perivolos.

If you love the outdoors, there are some Camping places on the island. For more information, click on 'Camping' in the menu.

Beware of the restaurants that say that serve Greek food. Often restaurants serve food that has been modified to accommodate the taste of tourists.  One thing however that is definitely Greek and you should try is Souvlaki!  (yum!)

Definitely try the sweet wine 'Vinsanto', made out of grapes that are left to dry in the sun for over 10 days.

Local buses connect the main villages and some beaches of the island. Check the bus schedules at the buses station to plan your trip there.



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