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Tour on Santorini

While on Santorini, you might wish to go on a tour around the island, in order to see the villages, some ancient ruins of Ancient Thira and other sights that reveal the past and the character of Santorini as a Greek island through time.  There are a number of daily bus/coach tours leaving from Chora in the morning around 9am and returning back in the afternoon.   Ask at a Travel Office for more details about the available tours on the island.  In most cases, the island tours usually start at 9am and you return back to Fira late in the afternoon.


Tour at the Volcano and around Santorini

There are various tours that include going to the volcano, thirasia (a tiny island very close to the volcano) and a tour around the island of Santorini / Thira.  To book yourself onto one of those ask at a local Travel AgentThere are various versions of tours, each one with different places to see, different cost, etc. 


Visiting other islands

Some of you might wish to spend only a few days on Santorini and then go to see some of the islands nearby, such as Ios, Naxos, Paros, Thirasia.  Alternatively, you might wish to stay on Santorini and go on daily trips to some of those islands.  There are scheduled ferryboats (ask the Port Authority or a Travel Office  for schedules) that go there as well as "charter" (sort of) boats that take you on a daily trip to other islands. Ask at a travel agent for details.


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